Top 10 Reasons I’m Not Making a Top 10 List About the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference

Now that the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference is over, it seems that a “Top Ten List” fever has broken out amongst many of the bloggers in attendance. Maybe it’s the logical way to organize and post about one’s experiences at the event, maybe it’s becoming a trend within the tight community forming around the event, or maybe it’s a symptom of withdrawal from three days of wine tastings starting at 10am. Whatever the cause of this epidemic is, I’m here to tell you my top ten reasons I’m not making a top ten list.

1. This event was amazing. It was my first large scale blogging conference, and there was far too much awesome to fit into just ten points.

2. Who has time to create a top ten list when you could be talking to people from the conference on Twitter?? Twitter and the tag #wbc10 was a huge communication tool before, during, and after this event. It made communication so fluid, and let everyone share every detail of the event from every angle in real time; I can’t imagine the event without it. I’ve connected with some really great people through Twitter, and been able to keep the conversation going with the bloggers I met at the conference. Plus, there are so many people sharing all the great posts on the event, how could you think about writing when there’s so much to read?

3. Why sit on your computer making a list when there are so many palate-blowingly good wines you could be tasting? The amount of wine I got to taste at wbc10 was staggering. (and in some cases, lead to staggering) There were so many quality wineries with so much delicious that if I bought even one bottle of every wine I liked from the conference, I’d be broke before I finished this list.

4. Instead of typing a list inside, you could be touring one of the many stunning Washington wineries! (I of course am stuck in New Jersey, allowing me to write this list for you with a clean yet thirsty conscience) I  got to visit Cougar Crest (which had a refreshing Grenache Rose), Skylite Cellars (with some strikingly good Syrah), and Pepper Bridge (with a tasty Merlot that was right up my alley).

5. I’m going through the notes on all the great keynote speakers, and I don’t see anything about writing a top-ten list. I see I jotted some things down about the endless debate area of wine review writing and wine blogging, the strong online writing community and it’s varying opinion on paid vs unpaid writing, and the ever evolving future home of the wine review. As a blogger who is still getting into the vast world of wine writing, these keynotes gave me a much clearer image of the online wine writing landscape. But nobody said anything about lists!

6. In fact, the only list I remember hearing was the Twenty-four Theses at the More Effective Writing in Your Blog breakout session. Twenty-four well written, well stated points: now that’s a list. And as a writer, I greatly enjoyed it. I’m also far too busy going through all the ultra-helpful points covered in the Vlogging breakout session.

7. If I was to make a list, at least three of the points would be crediting the event staff, and the folks at Zephyr Wine Adventures who made the whole shindig possible. Extra props to Reno for being everywhere at once. That dude moves so fast, at one point I swore there was two of him running around.

8. I should be packing my bags for a return trip to Walla Walla instead of typing. The town was charming, the people were welcoming, and the local wine community thriving. If I wasn’t on the exact opposite side of the country, I’d be checking back into the Comfort Inn this weekend.

9. I might just give up blogging all together to peruse my new passion for ice sculpting

10. And lastly, why would I make a top ten list when there are already several awesome, well written, and entertaining top-ten lists out there? In case you’ve been stuck with the fail whale all day, these are what everyone is talking about:

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So, those are my top ten reasons why I’m not going to- oh my. My subconscious has been infiltrated by the great wine-minded community I spent the weekend with! Oh well, I suppose having the best wine bloggers in the industry rub off on you isn’t so bad. Cheers!