Gear Review: Get a Grip on Your Phone with Popsockets


Let me start by saying I have a big phone. My iPhone 6 Plus has some of the best battery life of any smartphone on the planet and a fantastic screen. But those wonderful perks come at a cost: my phone is borderline obnoxiously big. If I’m sitting down, I usually have it on the table or desk in front of me, and I’m okay with that trade-off. But there’s one area that was, until recently, pretty annoying: trying to use the 6 Plus with one hand.

Holding it from the bottom ensures your thumb will be at least an area code away from reaching anything on the top of the screen. Hold it from the middle, and a light breeze might cause it to slip out of your hand. Apple’s solution to this was double tapping the home button lightly to have the entire UI move down into thumb range. And while this feature is cute, it’s a band-aid for a design that’s bad for anyone with hands smaller than Andre the Giant.

Enter: PopSocketsPopSockets

PopSockets are a clever little iPhone accessory that solves the thumb reaching problem with a little attachment to help you get a grip with your big phone. The awesome folks at PopSockets were kind enough to provide me with a PopSocket sample, complete with a snazzy Popticals logo. Thanks guys!

The PopSocket attaches to the back your phone or case via a sticky material. Don’t worry it’s not going to gunk up your phone, and is easily repositioned. I’ve moved mine around three of four times since I started using it, and it’s left zero residue on my phone case. And the sticky material is still as secure as when I first got it.

When the PopSocket is flattened, it sits only 1/8th of an inch tall which is nearly unnoticeable in your pocket. It pops out using the a polyurethane accordion with two heights: one that can rest on your fingers, and one tall enough to fit your fingers around. I find myself almost always using the latter.

6-04-16 at 5.18.21 PM

I usually go for a “spock” grip with the PopSocket positioned between my middle and ring fingers (as shown in the first image above). This allows me to easily reach every inch of my phone screen with my thumb. Plain and simple, it makes every interaction with my big ol’ phone a little easier. And considering how much screen time I have (and that you probably do too), that’s a big deal. I also sometimes use the PopSocket as a stand to prop up my phone for easy viewing.

PopSocket Stand

On a side note, if you get a PopSocket, you will pop it out and back down for no reason. Constantly. In meetings, while you’re waiting for things to load, while you’re talking to people. It’s addicting. PopSockets come in a wonderful array pre-made of color combinations for $10 a pop (pun fully intended), and the option to customize the base, accordion, and face for a small cost.

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