The Social Media Chef

Hi, I’m Preston Porter.  I’m a writer, a blogger, social media enthusiast, marketer (you can read more about my background in writing and the web here), but my most recent title is Social Media Chef. Over the last year, I’ve graduated college, (BA in Literature and Creative Writing) interned at a PR firm, and done some freelance work for restaurants. After a few months of great online growth, I was hired as a full time, in-house online marketing/web content/business development manager. This mouthful of a job title eventually was replaced by the much catchier title of “Social Media Chef.”

In a nutshell, I create and coordinate all the delicious content surrounding the restaurants and websites I work for, and serve it up to the customers. I shoot/edit video recipes, oversee marketing campaigns, post updates on special offers, write articles on Italian foods and ingredients, post travel videos, and a wide spectrum of things that wine and food lovers enjoy. I’m always looking to connect with other foodies, wine enthusiasts, bloggers, writers, and I’d probably love to hear from you.

I’m not a chef (my cooking ability extends to making a grilled cheese sandwich), or a sommelier (although I am becoming well versed on Italian wine) but I’m using my strong writing background, my lifelong love for new media, and my experience in marketing  to work in a field I am passionate about. The web is where people are going for information on restaurants, wine, and food; I’m making sure content they’re looking for will be online for them, attractively plated and piping hot. Delicious.

What’s on the menu?

The idea behind this blog is for it to become a stew of the content I create and work with. Articles (written by yours truly and a few guest writers), news on upcoming wine and food events I’m involved with in, videos, pictures, and updates as I meet other bloggers, and even a few winemakers. is a place for me to share my experiences as the Social Media Chef with you, and a starting point for discussions on the ever evolving online world of food and drink.

Bon Appétit