Disclosure and Sample Policy

As you can tell from the rest of the site, I am a paid writer, marketer, social media strategist, blogger, content manager, and wearer-of-many-hats. However, this site is my own, and  I receive no compensation for writing, posting on, or running this site. The Social Media Chef blog is as a place I can share my experiences in working in social media, offer my opinions, and to highlight content I’ve worked on in the past that other might find interesting. That said, restaurants, websites, and products I am affiliated with are going to be mentioned on this site. It’s just the nature of the what I’m writing about; I’m not going to use this site as a billboard to promote entities I work for. Therefore, work of mine that is posted will be indicated as such.

What I will say:
“Take a look at the series of articles I wrote for PizzaNJ.net. There’s a lot more to the art and science of making pizza than you thought…”

What I won’t say: “Check out the entertaining ingredient articles on PizzaNJ.net. They’re awesome and you should read them, and I didn’t write them at all!”

Sample Policy

My sample policy is plain and simple: all wine, product, and service samples I receive will be reviewed on this site with full disclosure. I will give all samples a fair, honest review, with a note in the review that the sample was provided to me. In the rare case that I have only scathing criticism for a sample, I’ll contact the sender about it; samples I recieve will never be out-rightly bashed on this site.

If you have a sample you’d like to send in for review, please contact me at PrestonDPorter at gmail dot com, or @HelloPresto on Twitter.

Other products, wines, venues, etc that I review on my own and am not affiliated with in any way will be indicated as such. These reviews are subject to positive/negative criticism at full volume.

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