Review: Be More Chill at Two River Theater


I’d like to think I know great content when I see it, both online and off. Somewhere between talent, tact, knowledge and creativity, there’s a certain something that separates good content from great content. It could be a piece of art. It could be a video or a song. It could be a musical. When I saw the outstanding digital marketing (more on that below) and the talk surrounding Two River Theater’s Be More Chill, I knew that it would be great. Spoiler: it is.

(Full disclosure: Two River Theater graciously provided tickets for me to attend. Thanks guys!)

Jeremy meets his Squip. Photo courtesy of Two River Theater

Jeremy meets his Squip. Photo courtesy of Two River Theater

Without giving too much away, the plot to Be More Chill is about a young, painfully normal and unremarkable high schooler named Jereme Heere. Jeremy discovers a new experimental microprocessor called a “Squip” that comes in the shape of a gray oblong pill that, once swallowed, will activate an artificial intelligence inside his head, instructing him on how to be more chill. Not cool. Chill.

The play is hip, energetic, vibrant and young. From the myriad of stylishly dressed characters, to the use of bright colors across backgrounds and lighting, Be More Chill is as much of a delight to see as it is to hear. The man behind the music is Mr. Joe Iconis, and every song is smartly written and incredibly catchy. Even as I write this, I find myself singing the opening theme or “I Love Play Rehearsal”, as if I myself have had a Squip implanted in my brain that only sings songs from the show. Every single member of the cast (only ten performers) is incredibly talented, and all get the singing spotlight at some point. One of the more memorable songs of the show for me was “Michael in the Bathroom” not only because it’s catchy (like all the songs), but because actor George Salazar did a knockout job with the entire scene. Here’s a taste.

The colorful set design was also impressive and utilized well with quick scene changes that never missed a beat, all under a catwalk occupied by the Squip, symbolizing his existence only in the main characters mind. Behind the set sits the live band, performing every song and adding sound to every scene.

Be More Chill set


Be More Chill is everything you could want in a fresh, fun performance to kick off the summer. But before I knew how incredible the show was, I was drawn in by the stellar marketing campaign surrounding it.


I admittedly don’t see a lot of shows, but this one caught my eye. To be more specific, it wasn’t any of my friends recommending the show, but the marketing that got me interested. And to be even more specific, the digital marketing on social media was what really drew me in. Two River Theater has an outstanding digital marketing team and some very smart folks running their social media. They understand their audience on social, and how to story-tell on every platform. From the Be More Chill sunglasses, to the fantastic content across Instagram and Facebook, I had a very good idea of what Be More Chill would be like before I even stepped into the theater, and I was excited. Be More Chill has all the youthful energy that resonates perfectly with more artsy, 30-and-under users on Instagram, where Two River Theater pumped out lots of great content. And to top it all off, they offer $20 tickets for anyone under the age of 30.

Be More Chill has been extended through June 28th! There’s only one thing left to do…

C-c-c-c’mon, C-c-c-c’mon, Go Go!


Outdoor Retailer Winter Show 2015

Preston Porter at Ourdoor Retailer

Styling the latest Popticals Sunglasses at Solitude for OR All Mountain Demo.

Only two short weeks ago, I was enjoying the fresh air, beautiful views and all the latest gear at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City. I was there representing Popticals, my favorite and objectively most stylish client showing off their new pop-out sunglasses to the outdoor industry’s finest. Over the course of the show I got to finally meet lots of folks from the online outdoors community that I’ve been talking with over the past year.

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Social Media Day Comes to Red Bank June 27-30

Red Bank Social Media DayMashable’s fifth annual Social Media Day is coming to Red Bank, NJ June 27-30! Thanks to Defined Logic, my home turf of Red Bank will be host to the RB Photo Crawl, a social media fueled photo frenzy. 15 spots around town will have props and prompts for photos, and uploading them using the #RBphotocrawl hashtag will enter you in to win some pretty swanky prizes.

Visit for all the details and photo locations, and give me a shout on Twitter if you plan on venturing out in Red Bank for the event!