Monmouth County Blackout / #NJBlackout in 140 Words

Being that the focus of this post of what happened on Twitter over the course of about 2 hours (let’s just say roughly 140 minutes, for theatrical flair), here’s what happened to me during the Monmouth County blackout in 140 words (not counting this).

Around 3:30pm on August 30th, the power in Monmouth County went out. I jumped on Twitter via my phone to check with fellow tweeps in the area to see how far the outage spread. Within a few minutes, dozens of posts from people around the area were talking about the blackout. Desperately trying to keep up, I posted “Anybody hear why the power’s out? #njblackout tag and spread so we can follow.” Over the next hour, tweets popped up using the hashtag with news of an explosion in Tinton Falls, links to the JCP&L maps showing the spread of the blackout, and updates on which roads to avoid with downed traffic lights. Tweets started appearing around 6pm about areas with restored power, and places to grab dinner for those still in the dark. Local Twitter community for the win.

What I learned

  • That Twitter is a great communication tool for what’s going on right now, especially during times where other forms of news and communication are down.
  • Although it’s great to connect with people all over the world via Twitter, local Twitter communities are especially useful/awesome.
  • There are a lot of folks on Twitter that have never met willing to go out of their way to help each other out.
  • I should have a flashlight in my office from now on.

What my office looked like during the blackout.

What happened to you during the blackout? Leave a comment with your experience in 140 words or less!

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